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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
  Keeping on Walking

I've been standing for 45 minutes on a crowded bus and when I get off I'm like an old, tired tortoise, stiff and hunched on the pavement with my bag on my back. So I shake out my hands and let my shoulders and my tail-bone drop, and I think of the puppet-strings lifting my head and my knees, and my joints loosen and clank as though they were wood and metal. And then I can feel my soft clothes against my skin and the cold air nipping my nose and ears and see my breath steaming in front of my face. And then I can walk.

Walking a thousand miles in 2006 - Week 4
Miles walked: 20.5 (target: 20)
Total miles walked: 93.5 (target: 80)
Miles remaining: 906.5
You're doing really well with the walking - almost 100 miles already! Not so sure about the arithmetic though, I make 93.5 plus 903.5 equal 997... or maybe it's the typing that's at fault?
Zinnia the Nitpicker (sorry - I was a professional proof-reader in a former existence, and old habits die hard!)
Thank you, Zinnia. I really should not blog at the office with half my attention when meant to be working!

Hey, half way home this evening I'm going to pass 100 - perhaps I'll stop off for a drink!
That photo is most interesting. Does the black building disappear into polygons of light? Or is one or the other somehow a reflection, two split sides come together?
Brenda, having a crap camera with poor depth of field creates interesting abstract effects sometimes! This is what the building actually looks like:
Hi Jean!
About walking, a doctor said someday but I don't remember where, that " the heart is in our heel and in our sole". Walking is very healthy, indeed!

Translated to Portuguese:
"Sobre caminhar, um médico disse um dia, mas eu não me lembro onde, que "o coração está em nosso calcanhar e em nossa sola do pé". Caminhar é muito saudável, realmente.

And thank you so much for your visit and gentle comment on my blog! Love the "muito obrigada"!

"E muito obrigada por sua visita e gentil comentário no meu blog! Adorei o "muito obrigada"!
Hi Sonia! I'm afraid 'muito obrigada' and 'ate logo' are the limit of my Portuguese, though I can read it pretty well because I speak Spanish. I like what the doctor said!
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