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Monday, October 17, 2005
  The wrong trousers

Since I managed to lose some weight over the Summer, all my Winter clothes are baggy. Baggy is a good look, I think, if you're thin and angular. If you're tubby, though not as tubby as before, it's not such a good look.

I have these trousers. They're corduroy with 10% lycra - the only kind I could fit into last year. Baggy lycra is a particularly bad look. They kind of stand there on their own...
Yes, I know whereof you speak, sadly enough.
Don't you know that it's the law:- if you lose weight you HAVE to have a reward - shopping for something snazzy - that fits.
If you're thin and angular, baggy makes you look like a boy, a boy wearing a sack. Baggy only looks good on boys, in fact, if that. Yes, buy yourself new clothes! Shopping therapy!
Ooh, I want to have that baggy look ... Am very happy for you. Be baggy until you don't want to be baggy any longer!
:-) :-)
Sounds like it may be time to spring for a lovely new wardrobe! Or else to relish the rare sensation of bagginess? I know what you mean, though, about the awkward stages of bagginess.
Can you post a photo of those self-standing trousers, Jean?;O
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