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Monday, April 10, 2006

Fens [this is an explanatory link to Wikipedia]. Flat. Endless vistas, wide skies, SPAAACE – I love that. It pleases me aesthetically, and can lift my heart. A horizon is a wonderful thing, which I have often missed and craved while living in London. But cold. The wind shrieks cruelly with nothing for a long, long way to the East to stem it’s force. This landscape isn’t gentle; doesn’t shelter. I love this place as long as I feel strong and energetic. In more vulnerable moods, it’s not always an easy place to be.

This may become home. It’s the best possibility to arise in ages. We will know within the next few weeks, probably, whether it can happen.

Stunning landscape. Radical shift, indeed. My heart-breath holds still while you ponder this decision. xo
this is very interesting, Jean. several years ago, i also moved to a wide-open landscape in middle life, and found it both exhilerating and intimidating to re-learn how to live without
perhaps this kind of move is a necessary spiritual undertaking for some?

i have been reading through your archives for a few days to aquaint myself with your blog before commenting.
thank you for such thoughtful and beautiful writing, which resonates with me so much.
Beautiful landscape ... and I hope you can call it home soon
Waiting to hear the why's and how's of it all. Whenever you are ready to tell us.
Wow, it looks pretty amazing!

What is a 'fen'? I've never really understood this word, which I presume must be Old English or something.

Good boots, good clothes, make such cold winds more challenging, less daunting. Still.
Oh, um... OED

fen, n.

1. a. Low land covered wholly or partially with shallow water, or subject to frequent inundations; a tract of such land, a marsh.

Visit Boston and see the Fenway. Near Fenway Park.
Best of luck, Jean. I'm sure that whatever happens, it will be for the best. If this doesn't fall into place, then something better will.
Oh, Jean, how exciting that it's even a possibility! I hope that whatever results, you are able to feel this as movement. And I'm very sympathetic to this landscape, as another lover of wide-open spaces... hard as they can sometimes be to live in. There's something about the sky, and the air, and the elbow-room. Best of luck in the decision-making.
Hoping this works out for you--for your case and ours. Would love to enjoy a daily dose of photographs from this horizon.
wow, jean, it would be quite a shift. but it may be just what you have been looking for.
It looks beautiful. Like marshland in the American Midwest.
Squeezing my thumbs for you (as the Germans say).
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