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Monday, March 27, 2006
  Window on the world

Those lively, intelligent, kind, perceptive and beautiful blue eyes!
What marvellous eyes. Somehow I already knew that.
I think all your photos are excellent, but there's something special about this one that makes it warrant separate treatment: not only the personal element, but the composition, and the way contrasts in tone and color support the composition, and how they all together support the feeling of the shot.
I find it impossible not to smile at you. Nice shot.
Oh dear, no one seems to have got the point of this, which was the (quite fortuitous) reflection of the window right between my eyes! The photo is a reflection in a mirror through the glass of a shop window which also reflected the windows on the other side of the street behind me. It's very hard to know if what strikes one about a picture is what will strike others, isn't it? Thank you for your nice comments, and smiles anyway!
Oh, yeah, I knew that -- I saw it right away -- just thought it was too obvious to mention -- really!
Sure, that was striking. Just, obviously, less striking to us than other things. Roll with the punches, Jean.

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