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Friday, March 24, 2006

Random recent photos. And completely random is how I feel: thence the lack of anything substantive here of late. The shell is standing up, walking around, emitting words from time to time, but shell is what it is – knock on me and I’ll reverberate, or crack, perhaps, if you knock too hard. The skin is standing up, but inside there the organs, vessels, fibres are sleeping on their feet like horses. Sporadically, words and images bubble to the surface, but there’s no theme. I’ve lost the plot. There was a plot, wasn't there? I'm sure there was. It’ll come back to me, I suppose. Rest in the randomness. Let it be. It’ll all come back to me.

Maybe not so random. And really lovely.
The tree is absolutely gorgeous!
Thanks for your visit today. My response is there for you when you get a moment to check back in.
Wonderful. Even if random. Which I don't believe completely for a minute.
Wonderful photos.

I'm not at all sure that superimposing a plot on our lives is a good idea, anyway :-)
Randomness, such a strange idea. I hope you're O.K.
Lovely pictures, but I'm a bit put out that you've got crocuses (crocii?) in the city & we're still standing over ours in the village waiting for the buggers to show.
i know that feeling, it usually appears right around this time of year. could it have to do with the solstice, the dawning of the new year, when nothing feels 'developed' yet? it's still the season of 'possibilities...'
"Rest in the randomness" Sage advice, as always. Sending good thoughts.
Is a feeling sometimes of alienation natural? And if we embrace it, rest in the randomness, will it go away?

Losing the plot, that one I know well.

Living a shell of a life, ahh...


For warmth, connection, wholeness, joy, laughter and vision.

Perhaps another plot is forming in the randomness, another way of being.
I love these photos. Particularly the flowers and the bicycle carcass and the branches that looks like tree roots.
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