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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
  Quiet night breath

In the quiet of the night, breath. Breathe in the night-time quiet.
At 10, fall into heavy sleep. At 2, wake with the mind striking match after match to peer at tasks undone that must be done tomorrow.
Toss and curse and toss and, giving up, sit up.
Here is the night, not quite dark, but quiet. Here, breath after breath, breathe past the racing thoughts. Breathe in the night-time quiet. Breathe out the edge of self.
Here is my practice, coming to meet me in the night. I thought I was alone, but here are breath and silence and I am glad.
Look! I and here and breath are one. In the night-time quiet, breathe.
You describe it well.
Breathe out the edge of self

That's it.

Wonderful. Thank you.

One of my favorite times to sit, too -- when I wake up at two, full of anxiety.
I am often there with you, too, Jean.

Wonderful post, and photograph.
I have fallen away from my practice. This reminds me how much I miss it.
Beautifully written.
This is exactly what I've been doing each night this week. Thank you for this description.
So much.
I read this in a quiet voice, just above whisper. Until you hear it you can't know how beautiful this writing of yours is.
Superb! Thank you ~
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