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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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Misty, faint and lovely,
like the background in a Renaissance painting,
it's further off than you think.

I wrote a whole lot more. I didn't like any of it. So I looked for an image as shut in as I felt, but with some beauty and some possibilities.

So beautiful, Jean!
wow! very nice. It doesn't feel closed in so much as protected.
Yes, I agree with lolabola: this is the inside of a comfortable & secure place of retreat, with a view. Funny how perspectives can differ ;-)

"Nowt good or bad, but that thinking makes it so."

Hoping for a change of season, climatic and spiritual, to give you (and me!) a little boots.
That should obviously have been "boost".

Pah. Fire the copyeditor.
Goodness, this is lovely ....
I really love that misty look - feeling. It's so full of mystery, peace, and the promise of sunshine in a way. An early morning mist is one of the most beautiful things I can see.

Oh, Jean. I can so relate to the "shut in" feeling you hint at here. Thank you for the "beauty and possibilities" though.
But Udge, I like the idea of little boots for you and Jean! The image conjures up possibilities of going outside, no matter the weather, busting out for adventures, deep breaths in the wide world... May the two of you receive both boost and boots*, soon!

*in whatever metaphoric embodiment is needed!
Nice image - very Renaissance indeed.
So beautiful!
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