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Friday, March 31, 2006

If not permanent, unmoving, at least, for months and years. A gentle under-note to the swirling clamour of words, both spoken and written: the gloom and fear, officiousness and hard sell of the public sphere, the staccato, self-referential chatter of the private. Words that hang there, enduring and weathering and alluding to things beyond their original intention.

Exquisite photos. Flutes! Phoenix!

This is a great post.

[confessions of a typophile: did you notice that your last three examples all used typefaces designed by Eric Gill?]
Pica, no, I didn't know, never mind notice. But I have been thinking recently that I would very much like to learn more about both traditional typography and caligraphy. Words and letters exert a physical attraction, but there is much I don't know or appreciate, and would like to. Taking photographs has hugely expanded in general terms the visual perceptions of a very verbal, linear person and I start to see, excitedly, that there are many directions this can take me in.
Labels can be good blinds, useful for observing without being observed. Sometimes I like to help people by suggesting easy-to-dismiss labels ("poet," "anarchist," "hippie," now maybe "blogger"). Once we have labeled someone, we are free to stop taking them seriously - hence comedy's reliance on stereotypes.

The last photo strongly resembles a concrete poem, emphasizing the "Oy!" (not to be confused with "Oi!") lurking at the heart of joy. Great post all around.
"Joy" is good. If I sent you a money-order, could you get me a packet or two?
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