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Monday, March 06, 2006

It had been a chill week, fretfully spitting hard little flakes of icy snow.
But the sun, when it came, poked its fingers into pockets of bud and blossom.

That's like Vancouver- oh, sigh. We're at least a month away from any buds, let alone flowers here... beautiful flowers.
Yeah. I can't wait for those beautiful buds too! Although I saw tons of gorgeous flowers at the Philadelphia Flower Show yesterday.

That helped lift the winter spirits!
This, along with a picture in my local newspaper, has inspired me to head to the park with my camera.
I saw my first crocus this weekend, in someone's garden with a western exposure... the very beginnings. Purple.
Very nice.

We are still a week away at least from such delights; the last patches of snow have melted but there will be another frost tonight. Something to look forward to.
Spring has sprung, da grass is ris, I wonder where da boidies is.

Won't see them here for another month, but I have hope.
D. H. Lawrence would like this -- unless he hated it for being so good.
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