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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
  Behind your back

... and who's got your back?! (or mine...)
hey, I think that's me with the coffee sitting at the cafe table...
I love these photos, Jean!
Sometimes I miss so much live in the city!
At this moment I am feeling a little boring with much nature and silence around me! LOL!
found this while blogsurfing, and I think the photos made me linger here for longer than the mindless second I usually spend on personal blogs.

some beautiful pictures. Beautiful images, both photographed and written down. Scanned a bit of the blog, but I'll come back when I have more time - and have a proper read. Seems like a blog that should be sipped like red wine.
How we so often see each other in the city, your camera with the warmth that you carry for others.
i like these photos! The mystery of others lives!
Amusing and somber at once. Nice.
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