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Friday, February 17, 2006
  Spatially challenged

I can’t tell if a space is wide enough to drive through, sometimes not even if it’s wide enough to walk through. Other humans don’t seem to need whiskers.

I have enormous, hair-tearing, head-banging difficulty processing information on more than two axes, eg determining the best of 4 dates for 6 busy people to meet.

And there are some things I should never order on line, because I don't grasp until I see them that two boxes of 100 large ones is going to be so much bigger than two boxes of 100 small ones.

You and me both. You know how cats get tangled in people's feet? It's because they're evolutionarily designed to track one, and only one, moving object. While they're tracking one foot, the other takes them by surprise.

It's not a bug, it's a feature :-)
I'm glad I'm not alone. But have you noticed how most men usually don't understand this at all?
I'm spatially challenged too -- I'm strictly verbal. It's hard for me to look at something that's broken and figure out how to fix it, without laboriously composing (or being given) a verbal description. I have trouble with mirror images: can't tie a necktie if I'm looking at it in the mirror (thankfully I almost never have to wear one). My depth perception isn't very good either, though my eye-chart vision was better than normal in my youth.
I found out how spatially challenged I am through my study of karate. My transmission has two options: forward and reverse. I'm working on being able to move from side to side more, and at angles, too.
I love the way you illustrated this piece. I keep coming back to look at the photos in all their spatial glories!
As an artist, I can figure out ratios and whatnot fairly well, and can copy something I see onto a page so all the spatial contours are duplicated. But ask me to find an address even with a map! I print out Google maps, lcarry other maps that have all the parks in green, and still get lost! On foot this can make me considerably late... :)
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