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Monday, February 27, 2006

Hell of a week. Still too tired to clear the work backlog that still keeps on growing and sits there glowering at me. By Friday I feel just dreadful and it’s obvious I’m sickening for something. Should have realised how vulnerable I was at this time of year and being so run down after previous bouts of illness. Should have been downing industrial quantities of Vitamin C and Echinacea, but that was one more thing I was too tired to do.

So, Friday night, out for dinner with three friends I’m very fond of. Should have gone straight home to bed too, but I haven’t seen them for ages and what is life if it’s all work and being ill? - just too miserable!

After an hour or so of pleasant conversation, pleasant food and drink, I feel MUCH better, winding down fast – perhaps a little TOO fast, because before I know it the word ‘blog’ has passed my lips.

"What?" "You have?" "Why haven’t we seen it?".

Uh-oh. A whole year and I hadn’t told a soul. I’m kind of embarrassed, I guess, because it’s all about me – hardly a riveting subject. If it’s only other bloggers who read it – well, some, at least, have similar tendencies to self-absorption.

Too ill all weekend to dwell on it – some kind of nasty virus: raging temperature and stomach like a witches’ cauldron. Now it comes back to me: oh dear, this is no longer my secret vice!
So, did you tell them where the online "you" can be found? Goodness....might they be reading this comment RIGHT NOW???? :-)
Oh dear! I hope your impulsive revelation doesn't lead you to censor your writing. And I hope you feel better very soon.
Based on the reaction to a similar slip of my tongue, it'll blow over much sooner than you think. Non-bloggers are every bit as self-obesessed as we are, and without the back-and-forth commenting community to encourage their participation, they will probably wander away after a relatively short time.

Reading blogs without having a blog of one's own, is like standing outside a pub watching a conversation through the window. It might be fascinating for a few minutes but sooner or later you'll move on.

Write a few posts about washing the kitchen floor or repotting the begonias, that will put them off the scent!

Hooray for Echinacea, boo for viruses, and a big "get well soon".

And as for the "secret vice", promote it to "favourite obsession" ;-)

Get all well! Those of us who do find it a riveting subject (explain again how our self-absorption accounts for that?) are anxious.
Oh Jean, it sounds like what I had! Sympathies!
Lorianne and Udge make me laugh!!

Oh, dear Jean, forget them... Just get better! Goodness, must I fly across the Pond with a carry-on kettle of chicken soup??!


(And I think Udge is right, the interest will evaporate.)
Now I knew you were overdoing catching up... you gotta bring in some other help with getting on top of things at work when you're better (this time)... something about overdoing it. Take care of yourself, please.

The issue of the privacy of my blog is a continual thorn. Not only might either of my kids read it, but I have to contend with my ex's jealous girlfriend, my ex, my mother, and, oh, you know, the men in my life, as well as friends, oh, and possibly people in companies I work for since it's on my resume (why bother hiding anything)... So I keep private details out, I don't fully say, if you know what I mean. Safe and careful. Making the continual decision to stay with one blog, instead of creating another more hidden one (that would eventually be discovered anyway), I will say that it's forced me to speak in riddles and with metaphoric language in ways that I would otherwise never have and I'm sure this is good for me as an artist. Said with a perhaps and with laughter :)
What the hell good is it if we keep our vices secret? Geez, we've got to put them out there so other people can enjoy them too!

Hope you're feeling better. I'm just back from a brisk 6 miles in a brisk wind.
Oh dear. I've wondered if this will ever happen to me but thankfully, a lot of my friends probably don't even know what a blog is. I sometimes wish I had told some friends about my blog a lot earlier. Now I'm too embarrassed to tell them (as I think they'll wonder why I didn't before), even tho i think they'd probably enjoy it.
Oh Jean, hope you're feeling better soon. Geez, I hope I'm not coming down with it - feeling like I was hit by a bus today, but then I didn't sleep all that well so I figured it was that. I'm taking 2x day doses of this mushroom combo (no no, not the hallucinogenic kind) that my alt-health person gave me.

What udge said. My offline friends never read my blog unless I specifically send them email about something (rarely). Ex-boyfriends, on the other hand, seem to drop by at the worst possible moment.
Oho! The secret is out, eh? A whole new adventure begins, doors opening and closing and windows too. The best kind of blog, in my opinion, is one that tells the story of the self. For the world is made up of so many "selves." And if only all "selves" were trying to find out who they were ... we would have no more war - that's for sure!

Twinkle in my eye and smiles at you, dear Jean. I am sure that somewhere, somehow your "you" was wanting to share yourself with your friends. Hurrah! is what I say. Hurrah!
Oh the anonymity thing. I've sailed close to the wind with one friend in particular but never quite blurted it out .. good luck. Hope you feel better soon.
I never hid my blog from friends, but few read it. Finding out the few who did was a bit of a swallow, especially my very Mormon mother-in-law. But I figure, if those who know me don't like me, then best it be up front. And if those who know me are uncomfortable with my blog- they are free not to read it. Which seems to be the overwhelming option. Fair enough.

I started writing to communicate with a friend who was far away. Others have jumped on, and I am deeply grateful for all of them.
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