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Friday, January 27, 2006

Such strange light in this photo that I hesitated to post it when I took it, back in July. It was probably just the inadequate artificial basement lighting, but I couldn't shake off the idea that he was emanating something... Retrospectively, I'm less spooked by this - even if he was.
Somehow, this reminds me of Soen Joon's recent post (inspired in turn by Velveteen Rabbi's recent post) on "Being Visible." When you wear any sort of uniform, people instantly expect you to act the if you're a monk simply taking a rest, that "rest" is instantly imbued with spiritual meaning because of your monastic garb.

Personally, I love the bluish cast: it's hugely soothing!
Lorianne, this was right after the London bombs, do you remember? and the monks and their mandala really did feel to me strongly representative of a good and peaceful counterforce - very special. Because of the ordinary reality of who they are, not of anything that they'd probably be the first say they are not.
Am I colour blind? That was green and turquoise to me.
The footwear seemed incongruous. I imagined that all monks wore sandals - but I guess that would be impossible in the colder climates.
Green light...always a tricky decision. I'm not really into auras, but he does seem to have some kind of yellow aura around him, tho perhaps that's due to your flash or the lighting?
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