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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
  Tinsel taps (festive faucets)

Where is everyone? Echoing hush in a near-empty office building. I seem to be the Solstice Cinderella. Just me and, keeping me company, a sparkly string of seasonal delights : wall-to-wall Bach ; a lovely topical blogpost from Zinnia on this first day of gay Civil Partnership ceremonies in England ; and a spare, enthralling Solstice poem from Kasturi.
It's great that you UKans take so much holiday time off. (Why, you practically make a religion of it!) We'd be better off if we followed your example.
Yes, since these days most people here work till they drop and have diaries scheduled to exhaustion, the long winter holiday probably is a good thing. I'm not convinced that most of us know how to enjoy it. But at least we have a good rest. So I'll be in the office tomorrow morning, and then off work until 2nd January.
Just read the poem. Why is it that at this time of year everything seems to bring a tear to my eye. Enjoy your break.
Hello Jean. Since you seem not to have escaped London yet for the holidays, I'm afraid I'm going to tag you for the weird habits meme. See my current post. I'm sure yours will be more interesting than mine.
I think you inspired me to write something for Solstice yesterday, beautiful muse-woman. We do this for each other, don't we. Jan 2nd, that's wonderful, and I sure hope some writing pours out, gently, luminescently, that I sense, feel is way up on your list of inner needs... xo
Jean, I wish to you and your family a Happy Christmas.
Have a New Year filled with peace and love!
What I love about teaching in the U.S. is that we DO have a nice long break from work.

Have a wonderful holiday, Jean...I'm so glad to see you inspired.
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