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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
  Obsession is...

... not realising you've gone numb with cold snapping the skaters

Great pictures, Jean. Where is the rink?
It startles me to see an open air rink with green grass beyond!

Perhaps, given the "obsession," you'd want to try it yourself?
I love the naturalness of the photos, how unposed, unselfconscious, how everyday the skating rink and yet it's fun, the enjoyment of sliding around and around on the edges of blades. Your line is perfect. Like a slice of poetry across the scene. In it we are witnesses and gazers too. Watching through your camera with your eyes until our feet, too, become cold with obsession. :) xo
i love the colors in these photos - and also the photos really bring something back to me, probably from my childhood in philadelphia where we had real winters.

Mary, Crystal Palace park.

Moose, yes, the rink is entirely artificial of course - I don't think we've had skateable ice in England for 100 years. The obsession is snapping, not skating, but, yes, since skating rinks have proliferated all over London this year, I may have a go - though I haven't skated for more than 30 years.

Brenda, yes, it hypnotic watching people go round and round, even when it's very slowly and hesitantly - British kids being mostly unpracticed skaters, for obvious reasons.

Karen, nice to see you here! I'd rather be in California, I think, in December, but ice and snow - real or artificial - can be fun too.
Love these photos! Very joyful!
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