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Saturday, December 24, 2005
  Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone peace and light amid the festive flurry!
Merry Christmas, Jean, and thanks SO much for you know what!!
Merry Christmas from across the puddle, Jean!
Hope you have a most Blessed Christmas.

And thanks for the words and pictures.

Peace and light to you Jean.
And peace and light to you, dear Jean!

A beautiful, warm, cosy, friendly Christmas to you, Jean... you've blessed my life, many blessings back to you too. xo
...and a small sherry at 11am local!

All the best, Jean.
A very Merry Christmas to you, Jean. I'm so pleased you joined us in the blogosphere this year...
Thank you for kind words and encouragement and inisight. Merry, merry.
Merry Christmas! Health and happiness to you, dear Jean!
Merry and Lovely Christmas, Jean!
I love meeting you!
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