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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
  Happy Thanksgiving!

Peckham Rye Park, South-East London, November 2005

High among the things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving are the kind, talented, interesting people encountered and the beautiful, surprising, funny, sometimes searing writing and artwork discovered in the past year of on-line wandering.

I've been feeling tired and depleted by an awful cold and high fever, as well as many practical worries (nothing dreadful). Going through the motions of the days, with nothing left over for blogging. But will be back.
Jean, I'm thinking of you this morning as fog wreaths my house. This feels far more like England than home! You sound like you could use some mending and replenishing time. Know that my thoughts are with you, friend.
Rest and take the time you need. Lots of love.
I hope you get well very soon, Jean.
I can think of nothing I'm more grateful for this year than your appearance in this virtual world, Jean.

It reminds me of when Martha called me to the kitchen window and we watched, incredulous, as a peregrine falcon settled on the old swing set in the back yard.
Glad to hear you're starting to feel better, Jean. Try to get all the rest you need. Thanks as always for the beautiful pictures and words. Peckham Rye looks great.
I'm always thankful for your inspiring, beautiful photographs and thoughts. Rest easy - cheers!
What a beautiful park!
So lovely to stroll and feel the pure air!
I hoppe you get well very soon!
Hope you feel better soon, Jean! Though I don't comment often, I do visit every day and really enjoy your sensitive writing and lovely photographs!
You offer thanks for those you've discovered on-line, us, so beautifully, and then mention your fever and that you are depleted. And, oh, your generosity, and then what is going on behind your words, in your life. I hope you can share "the motions of the days" a little, that you don't leave for too long... sending 'get better soon' energies & lots of *hugs*
Get some rest and come back when you feel better. The photos are always wonderful and soothing.
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
Dear Jean -- Happy Thanksgiving! Thinking of you (again!).
Dear Jean,
Thinking of you and checking in from time to time. Take care.
I am almost recovered and rather embarrassed by all this sympathy! Thank you all! xxx
Grey November is a good time for resting and nourishing yourself. Love your photo.
hello Jean. How virtually wierd that this is where I grew up! and where most of my close friends now and family still live! a tear and a sigh of thanks.
My great grandfather farmed Peckham Rye - or rather his boss did; GGF was a humble ploughboy.
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