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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
  Frozen roses

On an ordinary cold day, a throat-clenching, swan-song beauty : frost melting on full blown roses

Such beautiful photos. The warmth of the colours and the light, combined with the different textures and surfaces (petals, leaves) are stunning. Nice to have you back, Jean.
Ah, so beautiful, especially when enlarged. The still life below looks like a potpourri pot, which I guess mimics a natural setting like this.

Hope you're feeling better.
It's such a tender and sad transition, isn't it. I've been watching the garden tomatoes, a few red ones left on the vine that I didn't manage to catch before the frost... everything else green has wilted away. I really should take it all down but there's something about that splash of red against the muddied green-brown that feels like hope or memory, and I can't. Not yet.
It is very nice to have you back, you know, and I do hope you are feeling better. Your presence has been missed.
A gorgeous rose, Jean. Thanks.
Your poetry on the roses beautiful like the photographs, commemorating and as searing, caught in full bloom... xo
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