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Thursday, November 10, 2005
  Black and blue

Unretouched. Really. The light so cold and clear, making everything sharp outlines and dense contrasts. The trees are fed by traffic fumes, shaded and channelled upwards by tall, old buildings, concentrated into patterns on the sky. Stare up at them long enough and when you look down the garish shop windows and full-colour people seem all wrong. You expect to see Javanese shadow puppets.
You have put the poet's eye into this photograph so that we see everything that you are seeing, even though none of it appears in the photograph except for a stunning tree, branching from edge to edge of the frame.
Oh, this is gorgeous. The colors, the lacy trees.
What a perfect photo and thought, Javanese shadow puppets you write, and I exactly understand what you mean looking at the picture. and thanks for the links in the next post! heaven knows its not my best week to have readers come by! but the support is so appreciated.
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