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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Trying to, anyway. I don’t do well with overwork, overstress, overtired. Lose myself, lose my words.

Walk in the woods. Cuddle the cat. Go to a party, have strange conversations, leave early with a fixed smile.

Breathe. Surfacing.
Welcome back! Good luck with re-entry.
Breathing is very, very important.
Hey, nice template! :)

I've been to those kinds of parties, too. Yech.
I can relate. For the last several weeks, all I seem to be able to do is gasp, "I think I'm better now." A daily hour of high intensity light and a lot of carbs seem to help. But sheesh...this is supposed to be the low stress lifestyle!
Yeah - those kind of parties. I've been to them too. Good to see you again although, thank goodness, you are always here.
What a great photo to express the feeling. Welcome back!
Nice and interesting blog.
Great photos. Is that Elephant & Castle?

Ernesto, it's the underpass from the Imax cinema to Waterloo Bridge - how can you possibly be nostalgic for that, or for the equally horrible ones at Elephant and Castle?!... :-)
Well, I don't think they are horrible. The first thing I thought when I first was at Elephant & Castle was, "wow, this is it". Maybe because it really contains all the sordid melancholy cities represent for me. I think a photograph like yours really does show it in all its (sad) beauty.
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