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Monday, October 03, 2005
  Leaves of glass

Click on the picture for a larger view
That's so interesting. Ivied ghost of the Crystal Palace.
Tell where!
Jude, it's the mysterious land... reflections of reflections...
Very beautiful photo!
This and your new profile photo are very enigmatic!
Moose, a bluebird's not enigmatic?
Touche! But YOU, you have not always been so enigmatic! Just an observation about the contrast with previous photos you've posted. You see what I mean? I do like the photos very much.

What makes the profile photo the way it is? Is it a reflection? a shadow? shadow on water? through glass? I can't quite make it out and my curiousity is insisting.
I love this photo. And the last, too.
Moose, my profile photo is just a shadow on grass...
Ah, I see it now. Funny how, not quite making out what it was, it could seem to be so many things. I like it.
That's one amazing photo. Good going! It took me a few minutes to figure out just what I was seeing.
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