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Friday, October 21, 2005

Thanks, this gave me a smile first thing this morning and I've come back to it a few times today for reinforcements. It makes remember games I played as a child, holding, framing, lassooing things and people in the world around me over which I had no control but for the frame I put between us. Sometimes it was the loop of my fingers, sometimes a windowframe, sometimes a gap between branches... whatever was available. I hadn't thought about that game in a long time.
If I ever come across that kind of framing mechanism, I'm stealing this idea.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or plagiarism.
Why do some pictures, some sounds, some passages of language, make us smile? Before reading Moose's comment above, I was going to comment similarly that these photos make me smile. Something about the relationship between the deadpan playfulness of the green lassoes and the attractive everydayness of the people. You're saying "Caught ya!" to the world.
I love how the lassoo line creates a frame, a boundary, and yet some parts of the "framed" spill out a little. Sort of in and out, coming and going. It makes the experience flow. You are an artist with that camera!
I am heading out today at some point to take some photographs. You inspired me with your pond pictures!

I love them!
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