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Monday, October 24, 2005

What a thing of beauty the department store is, recently restored to all its art deco glory. A palace of cool and quiet on Sunday morning. Gracious curves and softly filtered light. And no you may not take a photo Madam. And no not one of the twenty-odd sweaters fits. And no not one of the shelves and shelves of different shades of sheets matches these pillow cases. Dwarfed by grandeur and bemused by the gulf between promise and delivery, between beauty and discontent.
That's the market economy for you! Not that it's all bad; for example, women have much more independence with it than we would without. But it does have such a habit of promising what it can't deliver.

I've come back to read this three times now, trying to articulate my response, and I finally realized that's what it is:

I have worked hard on saying No. This week I cannot get my 'No's heard. So I keep hearing the poem from the other POV, which feels bad too.
I know that gulf. I was just thinking about it this afternoon when I ran into a porcupine in the woods. It gave me a most peculiar look.
well said, my dear
"Dwarfed by grandeur and bemused by the gulf between promise and delivery, between beauty and discontent." I love this clear insight so beautifully framed by your delicious turn of phrase. Thank you :)
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