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Monday, September 12, 2005

Your hands are clenched, my heart is clenched
and I can barely stay my hands
from yours.

You’d think I would have learned by now
to be content alone, I know,
but no.

So now I find there is no choice
but not to come here any more

at all.

Next day: I probably should apologise for inflicting this. I'm no poet. It did make me feel enormously much better, though. As good as howling and sobbing for half an hour!
Ai. That's wrenching.
I refused to let a place become tainted by a bad relationship or break-up, instead diffusing it and going often and with different people. Because life is full of hurts and disillusions, attaching them to a place carves your world away.

A relationship ended is like a plane crash landing. It's a good one as long as you can walk away from it.
Jean, such a gift - a poignant poem penned out of private pain.
This is beautiful. So painful and so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Not that bad, zhoenw - never started! and the here is a group of people, not the whole town.
Please, inflict more!

I promise I won't call them poems, and I won't call you a poet, if you'll write some more of these short paragraphs with odd right margins.
Sorry, I was reading in. In the wrong direction. But a compliment to your poem, that it is open to different interpretations.
Different when the love IS the place.
Isn't poetry a great release.
Please don't apologize.
Not that I relate or anything. :)
Of course you're a poet. I like the diminishment in line length in each stanza and how well that matches the content. This also meshes well with the syntax, so structured as to enforce a measured pace, as if the words are riveted to the page. I can well believe that you found the finding of just the right words to be a healing thing. We shouldn't write poetry for the therapy - we should write it for poems, and the pleasure they give to others - but like any good, honest work, it does help the heart and breath recover their natural rhythms. I hope you'll decide to make this a more regular habit, Jean. Thanks for sharing.
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