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Sunday, September 18, 2005
  O T T

Been feeling over-emotional the last few days. I don’t know why. Hormones, maybe.

On Thursday I met up with two good friends. We hadn’t seen each other since early Summer. I only got to know these two women a few years ago. Long after I thought to make new friends so special. They are though. Delight, complicity, variation, minds dancing.

On Friday after work I went to the Tibetan Buddhist Centre. It’s not a tradition I know much about, but a good place and a peaceful way to end the working week. After the meditation hour, I went home filled with gratitude and so glad I’ve found a way to work on rebuilding my daily practice.

Yes, I have become this very strange person who photographs her lunch in a restaurant before eating it!

Click on the picture for actual size

On Saturday, lunch at the new wine shop and bar. A gem of a place with wonderful wine (all from small European producers and many organic or biodynamic) and food. We had the Cheese Plate. Three cheeses from Neals Yard Dairy, with a golden Autumn apple and a sliver of quince preserve. Perfection.

And today, today I heard some music on the radio which I’m going right out to look for on CD. The Brook Street Band, named for Handel’s London address. Especially a Handel sonata in G major transcribed for cello. The cello is my favourite instrument. Its deep song reaches into the place behind my eyes, behind my tears, the place below the lump in my throat. A strong, strong but refined emotion, leaving room for aesthetic and intellectual pleasure too. And it’s taken on a new dimension lately with cellist Ruth’s extra gift for writing about it.

Ah. Definitely over-emotional.
The cello is one of my favorite instruments too. So many similarities and familiar feelings in this post. I love the flags waving - we have them too. How exciting to recognize that I have been to Neal's Yard Dairy! And - I think I will have to check out Brook Street Band!

Overly emotional is a place I often visit. It's a good place to be. ALIVE!
Your life looks very interesting and joyful! Met up with two good friends, meditation hour, lunch at the new wine shop and bar,heard some lovely music, have an intellectual pleasure.... You know how enjoy and get pleasure! Good for you! Warmly, Sonia.
I love your blog. The photos are so interesting and evocative, and you have a great talent for expressing your thoughts and feelings. Keep sharing your writing and photographs with us.

Thanks for all your help.
If one is a tad British and therefore supposedly unemotional, with 'emotional' just a small footbridge between the flatlands of the norm and the vast mountainous terrain of 'overemotional', it doesn't take many hormoans to get across from one to the other!

And I agree completely about Ruth's gift for writing.
Friends like that always show when you least expect, or even hope for them. Wonderful.

My husband at one point had several cellists as friends. All women, all had nose piercings. I don't know what this means.

I always blame the hormones. That is what they are good for.
Yum. Cheese.

If this is overemotional, I hope that you stay in that space and keep sharing, I might rename it as sensually aware! But maybe you didn't discuss the sad range of the spectrum here.
Cello is my favorite.
Bach on cello. Sweet, sad, comforting, strong, sure, aching and soaring...
Which cheese did you like the best?
Emotion indicates sensitivity. That's a fine thing. Your lunch actually was pretty artistic, if that's any consolation.
thank you jean! it is wonderfulto be reminded of the value of my instrument. feeling a bit blue today - glyndebourne kicking off without me. could do with some neal's yard dairy cheese and a meditation and the tibetan centre myself. i'll swap you for a cello song!
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