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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Back soon (pressure of work)
Good luck with your workload!
What a beautiful cool soothing blue.
May this time we productive and good for your spirits.
That picture ought to be in the encyclopedia beside the entry for "Morning Glory"! Just beautiful.
Gorgeous. Don't wear yourself out.
I'm with you!
Totally understandable. I've been there myself.

Thank you for the beautiful image you've blessed us with in your absence.
How lovely!
I love this picture. As with so many of your photographs, Jean, it makes me wish I could be back in England. Some day, hopefully, I will return for a time!
Hope you get some free time soon. I know the feeling.
Beautiful picture! Where is this lovely scenic?
What a frightening visage! (The totem's, not yours...I love your new profile pic!)
Jean, it this photo of you in your "About me" section new? Or have I been away too long? I love you peaking around the door like that. Are we "seeing" more of you?
This totem pole could be in my backyard (British Columbia). Where did you take the photo?
Lovely to see you too, Jean. But I'm worried that you left the cat out of your profile this time round.
I love the Horniman - it's been tidied up now, but it used to be beautifully eccentric and dusty and the stuffed animals a bit motheaten. Hope you come back soon - as a late resident of Upper Norwood, I know your territory well.
Jean, hang in there .....
I am enjoying your "not really here but here" approach to blogging! ;-)

Hope the work eases before too much longer.
'not really here, but here' is about how I feel, Moose. Hoping to emerge from tunnel of overwork in a couple of days. :-)
Thanks for taking the time to post the great photos while you're interluding . . .
Hi Jean,
Now I have a Blog of my own. It name is Leaves of Grass and the link is:
I will like you make me a visit!
May I make a link with your Blog?
Regards, Sonia.
Hee! It appears I am not the only one changing templates!! Great minds or what?
Is that your garden? Such brilliant fall colors. And a big and bold look to go with.
Jean, what a clever idea to keep changing your photos so that we are always entertained when checking in, even if you are "out". And lovely they are too. Take care.
The changing photos keep me coming back. And in the light of today's photo (which I love for its vividness), reading the comments is entertainingly surreal!
Hi Jean :) I have no idea why, but the song from the movie 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brody' keeps singing me today. I feel compelled to share the lyrics (why I don't know) so here they are:

Jean, Jean, Roses are red,
all the leaves have gone green,
And the clouds are so low,
You can touch them and so...
Come out to the meadow, Jean.

Jean, Jean, you're young and alive,
come out of your half-dreamed dream,
And run, if you will,
to the top of the hill,
Open your arms, Bonnie Jean.

Till the sheep in the valley come home my way,
till the stars fall around me and find me alone,
When the sun comes a singin',
I'll be a waitin'.

Jean, Jean, the roses are red,
All the leaves have gone green,
And the hills are ablaze...
With the moon's yellow haze,
Come into my arms, Bonnie Jean.

Till the sheep in the valley come home my way,
till the stars fall around me and find me alone,
When the sun comes a singin',
I'll be a waitin',
Great new pic. looking forward to your return in words when its feasible.
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