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Friday, September 09, 2005
  Curling up

Cheering light and symmetry: the Courtauld Institute at Somerset House, where I've just been to see an exhibition as beautiful as the building - but that aroused much more complex thoughts and feelings which will have to wait...
Gorgeous photos! I love your Blog!
Sonia, thank you. How nice to think that someone's reading my blog in Brazil, a country I love, though I've only been to Rio and around, never to Sao Paulo.

Very nice photos, Jean, I love it all!
These are beautiful. The second one reminds me of a snail shell somehow. All lovely.
I can't wait for the "complex thoughts and feelings" ... I love the title of the post together with the pictures.
Interesting...the stark contrast of feelings and mood between photos 2 and 4. Both of same subject, but with 2 spiraling down into darkness...the unknown, and 4 spiraling toward the light...hope.

Great shots!
That Wedgewood blue! (o) (o) (o)
So beautiful! What was the exhibition? I haven't been there is years but I remember those landings and that staircase so well - and the gorgeous art I saw there.
Oh, these are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them.
What a perfect title.
I never know what to title things. Looking forward to hearing more.
Amen to what everyone else has said. I love staircases, & you've done such a marvelous job catching both angle & curve.
I love these photos, the spiral and the light in them all!
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