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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
  Autumnal already

I’ve been reading in US blogs about signs of the changing season and thinking, no, not here, not yet. Then suddenly realised it is here, already. Hotter, more humid Summer, earlier Spring, milder Winter and now earlier Autumn. Disorienting in its own right, not to speak of the hideous implications of climate change.

Some of the immediate symptoms are welcome, of course. Cooler early mornings and evenings, even on hot days. A last lush flush of flowers and buzzing of bees. Autumn fruits: blackberries to eat, red red rosehips and these orange ones whose name I don’t know but there are lots and they are lovely.

And Autumn leaves to rival New England may be on the way, apparently. In today’s newspaper: “Experts are predicting that this year could be the most colourful Autumn in living memory, since the warm dry weather of recent weeks has increased the sugar concentration in leaves which should boost the intensity of colour”.

My first Autumn with a camera. Stand by for a surfeit of leafy stuff.
I love the orange berries; don't know the name either. Look forward to the foliage photos.
WooHoo! Autumn! I love the Fall. Thanks for the pics, the orange makes my heart glad. I can just see myself wrapped in an old sweatshirt walking under trees with beautiful colors, eating pumpkin pie, and all of that good stuff! All the best to you,
Looks as if it might be pyracantha. Check google images searching this term and compare your berries.
Still waiting for the end of a long hot summer here!

I'll have to see a colorful autumn vicariously this year I guess, since it's been so dry here lately. So bring on the leafy stuff!
Leafy stuff works for me!
Fred, yes! Thank you. Slowly I learn.
What kind of camera are you using? Any fancy lenses?

I love the richness of the photographs, simple but dripping with life.

Gorgeous photos!
Rare Blue (hello, nice to meet you), god no, nothing fancy! I have an HP Photosmart M307. Nice, solid, basic digital camera for beginners. Only 3.2 megapixels, limited zoom and macro capacity and not many controls to adjust. And Picasa - pretty basic viewing and editing software. Both fine for my needs, though if I remain as enthusiastic as I have been since I got the camera last Christmas, I expect I'll want something with more bells and whistles in time.
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