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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
  Off the wall

The top bit of my house, reflected - just before sunset - in the windscreen of a car parked right outside the front door. I'm so glad that having a camera has made me notice this kind of thing!
Fantastic! Where were you standing when you took this shot? It looks like you're hovering OVER the car!
I was - leaning out of my front window just above it!
What an interesting shot, and what an interesting roof line on your house! It looks rather eastern.
What an amazing shot but most amazing is having noticed it and captured it. Makes you wonder how many wonders we miss by simply not noticing.
I'm glad too! So we can notice by proxy :-)
Yes, great shot! It looks like your house is dreaming of being able to run away in a sporty red car!
Marja-Leena, brick houses with wooden decoration along the roof line are typically British Victorian. In the huge late nineteenth century house-building boom, I think they borrowed styles from all over the place -'Gothic' arched and pointed windows were also common.
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