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Friday, August 26, 2005
"Naming the intolerable is itself the hope".

Wonderful John Berger again.
Jean, have you named that space just in front of you where your belly used to be? :)
I'm not sure I understand this. I admit I'm pretty dense today too, but would you mind saying more about what it said to you?
I'm gemma grace suggesting that the now-empty space where Jean's belly used to be is "the intolerable"? :-)

In all seriousness, what a great quote. Recognizing the problem is the first step toward any solution.
Naming gives the antagonist a shape and form, lets you see him and so engage with him.

My paraphrase, with it's language drawn from combat, perhaps isn't very buddhist, but is that essentially it?

I sometimes wonder though in my own struggles whether I delude myself; whether the real antagonist isn't just using the name as a disguise.
Susan, this is from a piece about imprisoned Turkish trade unionists in the 1980s which argues that protest is never futile, even in conditions of greatest repression -saying 'look at this, this isn't right' is the beginning of changing it, even if it's terribly hard and takes a long time.

Gemma, since I've never found my belly - present or absent - intolerable, I guess I don't need to name it. I'm still patting it and asking it 'what is this?' though.

Lorianne, it is a great quote, isn't it?

Andy, you have a point there I think - we do need to have the right name.
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