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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
  Fish out of water

So, back to this. It has it's own beauty, but it's not my natural habitat.
If I get a move on, still time to spend the evening elsewhere.

Dear God! The very houses seem asleep,
And all that mighty heart is lying still.

I love the top photo especially. I've missed you, Jean!
Very Monet-ish. How did you manage to capture that soft misty evening light?
Is that evening light? I thought it was morning!
It's 7.25 pm - see accompanying text! Dale, the river is an hour's journey from my house and I am not a morning person, so I am never there as early as 7.25 am!

Natalie, you've seen my camera - if I like the look of something I just snap, and it comes out or not... The first photo is an enlarged detail from the second, so the 'impressionistic' quality is mostly diminishing resolution....
As with Natalie and Dale, I'm most struck by the quality of light in these photos. Wonderful.
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