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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
  Wake up and smell the roses

click to increase aroma
Gorgeous. You should read my post today; it's about "smellavision" on computers.
Jean, thanks for the comment. No, I didn't write that essay, but I could have - and that's what matters. Funny you should mention the cement gecko; I do have a cement puppy and 2 cement frogs in the garden.

Did you find the post about smellavision? (July 4th)
I am so ready for smell-o-vision. It was supposed to have been ready by now. I just can't wait to treat my virtual visitors to the smells of chicken coops and wet dogs. :)
I'm just afraid it will be too much like scratch-n-sniff, or those perfumed ads in glossy magazines.

But if you could get that rose to speak it's eternal name...
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