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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
  Miming admiration
Damn it, as so often, I have no words. The thing with Dale’s writing is, his very lovely, skilful, heartfelt words take you to the place beyond words. Just go and read it (19 July), if you haven’t.
Well, shucks. For someone writing without words you sure made me happy :-) Thank you, Jean.
No matter how lovely another's words, they can never be your words. Should we all shut up because we are not Shakespeare?

Your voice, your words, are just as valuable, just as worthy of utterance, just as important to the turning of the world as anyone elses words.

Is one "I love you", (such a simple phrase) any less wonderful because it is surrounded by a thousand other "I love you"'s?

No comparing, we all do our bit.
zhoenw, I wasn't comparing. Just noting that I found it difficult to put into words exactly why I find Dale's writing so lovely, probably because it affects me emotionally and physically just as much as intellectually.
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