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Sunday, July 24, 2005
  Knee-deep in rural bliss

I was out with my friends with the feet again yesterday.

We were here. I was somewhat reluctant to return to London, but came home to sleep soundly and dream of green and peaceful fruitfulness.

And in London life does go on, in all its sweet inconsequentiality. In Hyde Park, Planethalder saw a teenage boy fending off the kisses of his amorous girlfriend, intent on his copy of the new Harry Potter.
In one of those wonderful Accidents of Juxtaposition, I read the last phrase of today's post ("intent on his copy of the new Harry Potter"), and then my eye jumped to the title of your previous post ("Can't concentrate"). Hmmmm, I think distractions of an amorous sort are *much* better than the other kind.
Loved your pics - just delightful - especially the presence of those two coloured chooks. However, I wish I hadn't followed the Planethalder link and somehow ended up entangled in the Nanny Diaries saga. It's left me mentally exhausted. Should have just remained with you there in the clover.
Those Nanny Diaries are even more gripping than Harry Potter, I think!
Rural bliss indeed! I've just come back from a few days on Vancouver Island. The area before one gets into Victoria (the capital city of British Columbia) is delightful with small farms, stables, orchards and even a vinyard. We bought flowers and plums at a typical tiny stand in front of a farm - no-one sitting there but an honour system of leaving the correct change in the box. It feels so good to connect to the earth where our food grows when one lives in the big city, doesn't it!?
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