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Monday, July 11, 2005
  Feline familiar

Ok, I give in. For my cat-loving blog-friends and, er, Jude, may I present - looking suitably sceptical - my very dear, old, witchy, crotchety cat companion, Emma.
Very witchy. She's gorgeous.
I told Molly and Ada about Emma. So far - no comment. Perhaps later.
She looks like she's wearing an old mink coat.
She looks a lot like my cat. I do have a soft spot for black cats. I think they are generally smarter than the average feline.
She's beautiful; I have 2 at home like her (but fatter).
Well it's been a long time coming Jean. This is bound to bring a few more cat lovers out of the closet. But I'm looking ... and my nose is beginning to twitch. All I can say is "Ah-tish-oo!"
Awww, she's adorable. Very like our black cat. Those eyes! xo
:-) Looks like a smart cat, and also not one to meet up a dark alley.
Oh, she's beautiful!
This cat, framed as she is, looks as if she's out of a story book.
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