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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Diet Day 20 and already I begin to sense my body emerging into consciousness, as the beasts who inhabit it grow fewer. The floury, starchy lump-creatures and the slithery, silvery sugar worms. The lump-creatures gather in my belly and thighs and weigh me down with exhaustion. The sugar worms crawl up my spine into my brain, poking at the synapses, keeping me awake and anxious. I can feel that they are fewer, for on some nights my body falls into a heavy, dreaming sleep I haven’t known for years, and on some mornings my head lifts lightly and looks up at the sky, and finds nothing between us but the space of possibility.
Well done!

Yes, when I get discouraged about dieting & how long it will take, I'm forgetting about how quickly these changes set in.

Or you can go the other way to reach this realization, as I have these last few weeks, as I've invited all those beasties back in. I don't really like living with them at all.
A vignette worthy of J. K. Rowling, except that your prose is better.
Richard, now you see why I was so moved by your piece on hunger!
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