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Thursday, June 09, 2005

... but tenacious.

Ooh goody Jean, another post - and an interesting picture. Is the subject matter significant I wonder?!
As Judy Collins sang: "Hello hooray, let the show being, I'm ready!"

Beautiful, enigmatic - so good to see you again.
I just love your photographic metaphors...
Oh dear, I meant "Hello hooray let the show begin...."
way to go jean - or to hang on (i hope)
Whew! :-)
One can only hope that you are as tenacious as the beautiful vine (about blogging, of course).
Welcome back! (I'm so literal-minded I didn't even realize your previous post referred to quitting blogging, until I read the comments. I thought it meant you were leaving work for the day.) Every post of yours will always be a pleasure.
Slow snarl.

Glad you bowed to peer pressure.
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