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Thursday, June 23, 2005

I received this paper doll of a figure from a Malevich painting as a birthday card. Whilst its cool lines please me in a purely aesthetic way, it also takes me right back to how much I loved playing with paper dolls as a kid.

What about a paper doll you can undress? It’s dreadfully, dreadfully hot here – dripping-sweat-onto-the-keyboard hot. After work I shall sit and read and write in air-conditioned Starbucks until it closes, as the sun will beat into my bedroom windows until late.

The best thing I saw all day was Augustine in the shower. I keep going over there to fantasise about the feel of cool water…

P.S. Re that 'explicit introspection' thing, not while it's this hot!
Jean, Maybe you could give me some ideas on writing extrovertly.
Oh and buy a fan, quickly.
I have a fan. Of course I have a fan. It just makes almost no difference. Even Starbucks airconditioning proved not to be up to yesterday - only slightly cooler in there than street temperature. We (England and me) are NOT EQUIPPED for heat.
Well, I won't send hugs, not in this heat. Buckets of ice-water? Here ---

It's clouding over now, Jean, in Balham at least. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it rained? (I know I am going to regret writing this ..).
Thanks for that shower mention, Jean. I hope you don't
travel by underground these days, in view of the tropically lethal temperature down there. Why is it that London can't get its act together regarding public transport? Not to mention the railway system....
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