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Tuesday, June 07, 2005
  Lights out?

Hmm. Thinking about calling it a day here. The last couple of posts are not a bad note to end on: there's always beauty, even when there ain't much else...
Your blog; your choice. Pity, though; I only blogrolled you last weekend! Still, I (and others) can always work our way through your archives. Best of luck, whatever you decide.
I am another who would be so terribly disappointed if you were to finish now. You have been my little window on London! But I have wondered about the toll in time and energy your blog has been taking. Especially the emotional energy you expend in your own blog and in comments on others.
Perhaps you could compromise with a weekly post of one of your delightful photos with a caption of just a few words. Do it for England!
Oh dear - I shall miss you so! I am also considering calling it a day soon - work, a new book to write, coming out of my cave, finally ... and so on. But each time I think that I write just one more.

Oh dear, oh dear...
For what it's worth, I too would miss your posts if you decided to stop now.
Oh no! I will really miss you if you do go. You have a unique voice.

I would echo what has been suggested by jude - perhaps you could set yourself a less demanding posting schedule? Once a week? Once a month? I suspect I have a similar type of job to you and I too have wondered sometimes how you have found the time, energy and focus to produce such beautiful words and pictures at such a frequent rate...

All the best - and even if you decide to take some time out now, you can always come back at some point in the future. Here's hoping, anyway .....
Oh, no...and why? If burnout's the cause (or other commitments), why not take a break rather than calling it quits? And Jude's notion of a *weekly* entry is another good compromise...
Your blog is sweet, delicious, memorable.

In our loose community of like-minded writers, it has been an instant winner.

These things remain true, whether or not you ever write another word or post another picture. We live in a world of changing things.

Thanks for stopping to take in the beauty, for taking time to note the pain.

Why, Jean? I would be very dsappointed, and miss your voice and presence a great deal.
Oh, Jean, I hope you'll stay. And post infrequently if you want. At any rate, please keep in touch with us - we'll miss you otherwise! And we'll wonder and be concerned with how you're doing.
And I'd only just wandered into your blog...
Your posts are wonderful; quiet, unassuming, they enable me to see a bit of the world through someone else's eyes. I wish I could be so eloquent, and also take the photos you take.

Obviously it's your decision to stop blogging, but...

...if you remember the Narnia books (very well), in particular the "Voyage of the Dawn Treader", in particular the spell Lucy reads "for the refreshment of the spirit"...

...that's what your words do. Refresh the spirit. So please, carry on writing, whether you choose to share it on-line or not. And thank you for taking the time to post what you have.
Oh, I would miss this blog so much! A little island of sanity. Could we talk you into a little sabbatical instead?
Well, reading all those comments, there doesn’t seem much doubt that your words would be missed. And yes, I too would be disappointed. But at the same time I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve thought about ditching my blog. Let’s see, it’s been going nearly 2 years… that’s about 700 days… so I guess I’ve thought about quitting, oooh… roughly 700 times.
Sorry. Didn’t mean to trivialize the notion or to start talking about me instead. Seriously, I know a blog can become a burden, and it’s not necessarily *right* or *good* to keep it going. Neither is stopping *giving up*, so long as you’re stopping for a reason that works for you. But as dale says, why not try a little sabbatical and see how it goes? We’ll wait for you…
I will be disappointed also; however, if it takes too big a toll on you to continue, I will understand. We do enjoy your posts and photos!
i'm on tour and just checked in for a little soul food so was quite sad...anyway, if you decide to stop i invite you to guest blog chez moi! (still haven't dome your meme yet...ooops) will you still visit?
i also would be interested to know why....and think a weekly post could be interesting. Just met the infamous and delectable gail from open brackets and she started posting every day and now posts when she feels like - once a month. she does it for her.
Hmm. Thinking of some way to bribe you...

Will lots of pleading and whining comments do the trick?! :)

The fact that there was a question mark in your subject line gives me hope that (in my best Ahhhnold voice): you'll be back.
Gosh, I found a way to break the 10 comments barrier!

Thank you all very much for you nice words, they mean a lot. I doubt that the house will be going dark, though I may have to open the curtains less frequently for a while.
What you said: "I doubt that the house will be going dark, though I may have to open the curtains less frequently for a while."

What I say: "Hooray, hooray, hooray!"
And I just finished your book meme challenge!
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