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Friday, June 17, 2005

Had to add an ish to my profile
Does this mean we need to wish you Happy Birthday? Or I have I misunderstood. Well I'll risk it - Happy Birthday Jean!
Happy birthday! Interesting choice of photo for the occasion -- I like it. Looking upward.
HAPPY BIRHDAY, JEAN! And many, many more to come.
You "ish" you! Happy Day today and tomorrow. Come over to me to eat cake all the way through it!
Happy Birthday!!
Ahh, yes, we can be -ishy together! Happy Birthday! I'm so happy to have met you this year, and look forward to many more years of friendship.
How modest you are, dear Jean, only an ish to announce your birthday! Well, let it be a big resounding ish and I hope you have a wonderful day, every day, all year.
Came over from Ronni's blog to wish you a "Happy Birthday." Everyone should get all the Happy Birthday wishes they can get. :)
Yes, hope you had a very happy birthday!
Catching up here - Happy Birthday! Hope it was more than happy-ish!
I read your post early - before any comments - and the "ish" reference stumped me. But then I could never handle cryptic crosswords either. So now I have come back to offer belated birthday wishes. How long is an 'ish' good for?
Happy birthday, Jean. Hope the cake was good. ;)
That is if you like cakes!
That makes us very nearly astrological twins! Hope yours was as good as mine.
What a deliciously sly way of announcing your birthday.

I hope it was an occasion subtle and alert, just like you.

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