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Friday, June 24, 2005
  Hot, inconsequential, crowded

Like a sponge that’s absorbed too much water, I ooze sweat, drenching my hair and clothes. The air is thick and smells and chugs slowly down my windpipe. I’m expanding, dissolving.

Behind me on the bus, three inches from my left ear, a young woman speaks loudly and monotonously into her mobile phone. The contours of her African language escape me, so nothing mitigates the harshness of her tone.

Collapsed in the park, I feel eyes upon me. Right next to me stand two ducks. A heterosexual couple, iridescent male and speckled female. But so alike in their gait, the quizzical angle of their heads, you have to look at them separately to notice they aren’t identical (is that how other species see men and women?). They crane towards me, peering, then slowly circumambulate me, wanting my banana.

Me, I'm with the ducks, except I'm wanting your posts :-)

I hope it cools off there soon!
Beautiful writing! Poetic, profound, letting the image carry everything... xo
Extraordinary picture - where on earth did you capture this?
Those loud mobile phone conversations assaulting our ears drive me mad. What did these people do before there were mobiles? And why are they so completely unaware of others' reactions?
Natalie, it's a detail of the fountain at Trinity College Cambridge.
That image is so odd. I found myself thinking of being under a cow.

The ducks are wonderful! Sounds like they must have made your day, given how the rest of it seems to have gone.
Actually, I could have throttled the ducks - even they couldn't give me a bit of much needed space to chill out!
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