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Thursday, June 02, 2005
  Fountains of joy

Somerset House is very close to my office. I could watch the fountains for ever. They play at different heights, in unfathomable but symmetrical rotations. It’s utterly satisfying, like listening to Bach cello suites. I’ve seen office types throw off their jackets and run through them, or just stand there and get wet.

Ah, yes, very inviting. I love how you *notice,* and how you report what you notice. So many people just seem to walk on by and don't see anything....
I'm very fond of fountains too. I grew up near a city that had a lot of them. When we went to the city to shop, I would beg to drive by the area with the fountains. I love the way the sound of the water drowns out other noises. I love the whimsy of the dancing water.
I always look at fountains with those stop motion photographs in mind. I can see the water as though frozen at the apex of the spout.

Glorious. Thank you.
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