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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
  Easier than people

St Pancras Station

Rural Northamptonshire
Those are fantastic pictures. They make me wish that I could visit England again.

We were there once. Five years ago, our two kids sang in the high school choir, which did a ten-day, five-concert tour. We spent time in Windsor, Shrewsbury, York, Harrogate, Orpington, and London. What I loved best was the English countryside, although I also fell in love with the towns and The City, which I surmise you'd prefer leaving.

In any case, you have a nice eye for photography.
Your photos of inanimate objects have life in them.

At the same time, re the previous post, I'd love to see more of what you can do with photos of people. Some of your photos have shown people as eflections or as distant figures, and that's been very effective.
The second one makes me want to jump through the screen and into the photo. It reminds me of a Gainsborough painting. Wonderful!
Kenju read my mind, though I was going to say Constable.
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