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Thursday, May 05, 2005
  Turning in his grave

"Great accumulations of wealth menace our liberties, control the great London organs of the Press, lead us into Wars abroad, and poison the Wells of Public Life at homeā€¦ It was contemplation of these things which led me to become a Socialist and to take an active part in building up the Labour Party."

I wonder what he was thinking here. His expression is exactly like that of the sheep which so struck me back at the start of the election campaign (I probably should have mentioned that the sheep, like Keir Hardie, was not photographed by me). I'm not being flippant. When the whole scenario is this painful, into people's eyes is not a bad place to start by looking...
Good luck today. I always hold England in my thoughts, as if she were my mother-land. I guess once a colonial I am always connected somehow - even though I'm so far away from England for so long now. My son was born in England, though ... so good luck - may the person of your choosing win, Jean!
At least it's easy to work out who not to vote for:

There'ssuch a feeling of having been let down badly, following the hope and delight of 1997
Sujatin, I agree with everything you and Prasada have written.
Last week I was approached by a grinning Labour Party zealot waving pre-election leaflets in Hitchin marketplace. 'Sorry', I found myself saying, 'I'm a socialist'.
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