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Friday, May 06, 2005

Walking on the brown smear of beach down by the water

dwarfed but distinct, perky.

Sorry, I may recover from the election and be capable again
of coherent thought by next week - lining up little ducks (geese?
Julie says they're geese - I think she's right, Canada geese?)
was about my level today.

I love the pictures! So, don't apologize.

I've been to London once. My wife and I hope to go back there again this summer, after our daughter's wedding.

Being an unrepentant Anglophile, any new pictures from your part of the world, even those involving ducks, are most welcome.
mmm ... Jean ... mmm ... be they not geese?

I agree with Mark on the unrepentant anglophile angle. I am currently saving like mad to get me to the UK July 2006 to cut a swathe from London through to Wales. Two friends and I are going over together, splitting up, doing our own thing, coming back together. That sort of arrangement.

Can't wait!
I think they may be Greylag Geese (Anser anser). Cool! I believe that domestic geese were derived from these.
I love the goose! Very cute. Someone did a study awhile back of which animals people thought were the funniest - I recall ducks and dachshunds as being high on the list, though I think ducks won out.
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