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Friday, May 27, 2005
  Rain on red

I love the red of these umbrellas - dense and matte against the shiny surfaces of the pavement and railings.

Remembering this cool, smooth dampness from a couple of weeks ago is particularly pleasant today because it’s hot and sultry – only mid-80s, but anything much over mid-70s feels pretty hot in London, as there’s little shade or air-conditioning.

I note a few bloggers on the American East Coast bemoaning the cold and rain. Maybe I should have posted a picture of sunshine for you. Hope the thought of me wilting in the heat and dreaming of cool rain will make you feel better...

Reminds me of what a slight range of temperatures and climate conditions we humans are really happy in! I'm seeing breaks in the light here, and at least the temperatures have climbed to the mid-60s F (18-ish C?).
'twas a very hot and sticky cycle ride home today - still mid-80s at 7pm. Rain would have been most welcome...
As a Bostonian who did NOT complain about the weather, I love your pictures. I much prefer a cool rainy day to a sweaty baking day. If you are interested in a personal picture page, send email, I have a very silly one about rain.

Sent via Hoarded Ordinaries. You are now bookmarked here.

Thanks for the bus description. Sounds like the T on a Red Sox game night. Forget breathing, not like there is anything worth breathing in the train at that point.
It's strange, your photos of London make me homesick all over again, after five or six painful years slowly coming to terms with living in the country after leaving the big city when I was 46...I thought I would be leaving - in your good words - 'myself with all my stuckness' behind, but no, they came with me. I hope your experience will be different.
Here in Alabama it's warm, although strangely not as warm as in Ontario or Germany. Last year our little vegetable garden suffered from an excess of rain... this year it's been dry, drier, and driest for the past month.

Of course since hubby will be off work next week, it's supposed to rain every day.
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