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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
  Railway stations...

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I've been away, and now I'm back but busy...
I was playing the memory game "railway stations I have known"

The top one is a giveaway of course, although I've not been in the 21st century version (I hadn't even realised it was operational, even though I walk past it often enough).

The bottom one though... well, it's not a line I use very often, so I'm stumped by that one.

I hope the away-time was a pleasant contrast to the busy-time. Of course, that's assuming the busy-ness is of the unwelcome takes-you-over kind
Andy, the bottom one is Kettering, Northants - very pretty station. I hadn't been to the new St Pancras station before either, and was impressed when I finally got there after a long roundabout trail through building works.
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