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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
  Creative Mindfulness

My blogging heroine Lorianne of Hoarded Ordinaries has started a new blog, Creative Mindfulness, to focus on the spiritual side of her life and writing, specifically in the context of her life-coach training.

Lorianne was at the beginning of my blog addiction (er, I mean practice) and remains at its heart. The first blog I started reading regularly – can it really be quite a lot less than a year ago? – was Céline’s Naked Translations blog, which I found referenced in a professional journal for translators. I’d seen a few blogs, quite liked the idea, but found them either much too techie for me or downright badly written. Now I found one that fed my brain and I kept going back and back. And then I started thinking there might be blogs by people who shared my other interests. So I did some googling, and googling meditation I found Lorianne, who wrote about and photographed things I loved and found important, and which moved me, and I was well and truly hooked. And then I started exploring her blogroll…

And now Lorianne has started a second blog, to share her Zen wisdom in a context both wider and more specific, both in writing and in audio recordings. Since she’s an experienced teacher of both university students and dharma students, as well as a superb writer with a mind and heart as lucid and brave as you’ll find anywhere, it’s an exciting prospect.
Okay, I'm blushing...I had no idea when I clicked over here that you'd be talking about *me*! Thanks for the mention...and I love the accompanying picture. Just yesterday I saw some grass sprouting between sidewalk bricks and *almost* took a picture...but it looks like you captured the theme for me! :-)
Have just this minute found your blog via sarsparilla - I've got to feed the animals now but I'll be back soon to read more. The photos are lovely.
Hello Jean, I have just been catching up on your last few posts after being away from the computer for a few days. So interesting to read about how you came to blogging - and only quite recently too. But it's been like a duck to water! I empathise with your feelings in the earlier posts re wanting to find a new direction for your life. I remember being at the same point and so full of discontentment when I was about 50 too. Part of my solution was to turn to HRT which helped control the waves of inexplicable sadness I used to experience all the time. My efforts didn't take me where I wanted, but finally, after 2 - 3 years, I reached a place with a sense of fulfilment and contentment. I hope you do too. Meanwhile I admire you for the way you are able to express your feelings so naturally and with such honesty.
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