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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
  Blogs of life and death

Somewhat sickened by myself, especially since I did The Cube, but always delighted anew by other people’s blogs.

The photo was (loosely) inspired by today’s post from Zinnia. If you've not yet discovered her: she's a non-religious funeral celebrant and a fine writer. She may make you cry, as well as laugh. If you’re up for the former, start here and read forward.
Jean - what a fantastic picture! And am thrilled wo be introduced to Zinnia - what a find! Thank you.
Thank you kindly for buying our Cube book(s), if indeed you do. (The second one, SECRETS OF THE CUBE, might be harder to find, but actually has more help with interpretation.) I hope you find more than just winces in the "game" (it's not a game at all, of course). I see it comes at a time when you are doing some pretty merciless self-examining anyway. One thing I can tell you from the patterns we found: plastic doesn't mean "phony." In today's dream language it means something like "salt of the earth" -- unpretentious. I found a certain humor and daring, bravado, in your cube. The horse is exquisite, but looks like he might belong to someone else....
Thanks for the Cube link, Jean. That was quite something...
Annie, you just made it much, much worse (ie even more accurate) with the horse interpretation...
Thank you so much!
Love love love that pic! Thanks for the links too, all interesting.

The cube thing reminds me of a similar test I heard years ago - favorite color, animal, etc. Also WHY is this your favorite color, animal, etc. The "why" parts were the real key of course.
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