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Tuesday, April 19, 2005
  Shifting sands

A brief email from his son brought the news yesterday that a colleague, universally liked and admired, has been very ill, in a far-off place where we all thought him basking in success and leisure.

One of those moments. Someone nudged the projector and the picture slips sideways.

Since we all love him, everyone touches what is best in themselves. Quiet cooperation. His work is swiftly divided, taken up by others.

The picture re-forms. Leaving a flood of warmth and concern for R, but a cold sensation in the pit of the stomach. A reminder that the pattern of our lives, work, relationships is not, as we like to think, a Rubik’s Cube, solved, firmly slotted into place. More like a sand mandala.
Sorry this is not at all related to your post, I couldn't find your email button.

Have come to your website, through recommended blogs on tamarike, and A room of my own, and then onwards.

I’m looking for anyone who has had a cat diagnosed with diabetes and has chosen a less medical intervention route, possibly diet-related route of controlling the diabetes. Perhaps some one who can recommend alternatives.

If you have or know of anyone who can help me with information and related experiences would you please refer them to my website:

They can leave a comment in the Help Feline Diabetes thread, or email me from there.

Many thanks

Carol Ann
I love the pic at the head of this post: we're *all* Destiny's Children, no?
I love the comparison between the Rubik's Cube and the sand mandala. It's one of those descriptions that stops the breath for an instant.

Thanks, too, for the link to sand mandala.
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